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Maxine Cunliffe

maxinecunliffeMaxine is a member of the Equity National Performers' Committee. Maxine is an actor, musician and teacher and has lived in New Zealand for 10 years. Born in Hammersmith, London,  she took exams in speech and drama from a young age and her first appearance as a performer was for the 70s TV series, The Troubleshooters/The Mogul, filmed at Ealing Studios. She later went on to study music, majoring in cello solo and ensemble performance at Trinity College of Music, London.

Her interest in the impact of the arts on people's lives lead her to gain an MA from the University of Brighton in Language and Media. Her main focus was on semiotics within all forms of media and how this affects our society. Since then, Maxine has been a keen observer and supporter for inclusion and equity in the arts for all.  In the last few years she has been a student of the Michael Chekov Technique under the guidance of Elena Stejko.   Maxine has performed in concert halls in both Europe and New Zealand, and as an actor, worked in film, television and theatre.