Your Equity Committee

Coen Falke

coenCoen joined the Equity national performers committee in 2013. Coen Falke has been acting professionally both in Holland and New Zealand for the past twenty years. In New Zealand, he has trained at South Seas and studied The Meisner Technique with Michael Saccente.

Coen’s NZ television and film and screen credits include Shortland Street, The Jono Project, Nothing Trivial, Crackheads and if you look hard enough you can catch a glimpse of him in King Kong and The Emperor.

His foray into the world of theatre has been through the Short and Sweet festival in which he first tread the boards in 2011.

After Joining Equity in 2012, Coen was excited by the prospect of making the best of the opportunities offered by the Union. He is passionate about helping the union make a positive difference in the lives and careers of his fellow actors.